Centre MINE and GIL North host a webinar entitled "The 7 C's of Resilience"

Centre MINE, in cooperation with GIL North, organized a webinar entitled "The 7 C's of Resilience" presented by Ms Joelle El Chaer, trainer specialized in biocoding and founder of the Skills Refine Academy.

The webinar covered the fundamental pillars of resilience and building resilience in various aspects of life, as well as the importance of lifelong learning and skills development.

Ms. Al Shaer refuted the basic elements of resilience, such as communication, personality, contribution and the inculcation of core values, integrity and ethical behavior as the basis for overcoming adversity.

Centre MINE seeks to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among students, and to guide and direct them in developing their skills and abilities to promote the achievement of sustainable development goals.

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