The FFAA (2) hosts an international symposium entitled "For a Resilient and Sustainable Food System in Lebanon"

The Faculty of Fine Arts & Architecture (Branch 2) hosted an international symposium on 19 April 2023, entitled "For a Resilient and Sustainable Food System in Lebanon", with the participation of researchers from the Faculties of Fine Arts, Architecture and Agriculture of the Lebanese University and the universities of Poitiers and Political Science in Paris, funded by the French National Research Agency and National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-LIBAN).

The symposium discussed the results of scientific research on the national and local food systems in Lebanon and the transformations that have occurred as a result of the various crises that the country has witnessed since 2019. It also focused on four main axes: food diaries, coordination of food policies, food at the local level and social food innovations. 

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