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FLHS (Branch 1) students visit the ruins of the city of Tyre

Second-year students from the Arts & Archaeology Department of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (Branch 1) visited the ruins of the city of Tyre, accompanied by Dr. Soraya Jabak and Dr. Ali Badawi.

During their visit, the students listened to Dr. Jabak and Dr. Badawi's precise and detailed explanations of the city's archaeological sites.

The tour began at the site of Al Bass, considered to be the largest Roman necropolis in the world due to the large number of carved sarcophagi, followed by the Arch of the Emperor Hadrian, where an educational video was filmed on this monument.

The tour also included the hippodrome, where students listened to an explanation of the aqueducts there, then left the site for the square Roman theater, the ancient water reservoirs and the Roman bath, ending the visit in the ancient Roman stores.

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