ISS - Branch 3 organizes, in cooperation with JAD Association, a seminar on “The reality of drugs and its legal dimension in Lebanon”

The Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) - Branch 3, in cooperation with JAD Association - Youth Against Drugs, organized a seminar entitled "The reality of drugs and its legal dimension in Lebanon", in the presence of a number of professors and students of the institute as well as several social and political actors.

During the seminar, the speakers addressed the following points

- Drug addiction in its sociological and scientific dimensions.

- The importance of the fight against drugs, through the role of the State, and the appropriate use of their cultivation in Lebanon, in accordance with the publication of the decrees implementing the law on the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and medical purposes.

- The danger of the use of digital drugs, especially with its spread among teenagers and the younger generation.

- The definition of drugs and their psychological and biological dangers.

- The legal approach to the issue of drug abuse and promotion.

The seminar concluded with a series of interventions.

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