Research work

The journal Medicina publishes a study by researchers from the Lebanese University

The international journal Medicina published a scientific study prepared by researchers from the Microbiology, Health and Environment Laboratory (LMSE) of the Doctoral School of Science & Technology (DSST) and the Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese University, on the prevalence of tuberculosis infection among dialysis patients in Lebanon during the Corona pandemic.

Prevalence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Patients Undergoing Regular Hemodialysis in Disenfranchised Communities: A Multicenter Study during COVID-19 Pandemic

This study is the result of the research work of two master students in infectious diseases at Faculty of Public Health (Branch 3), Nisrine Zarriaa and Safa Helfawi, under the supervision of Dr. Bachar Ismail and in cooperation with several researchers of the laboratory.

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