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The Vice President of the International Chess Federation plays a relay match with a number of students from the FE - Branch 3

The Faculty of Engineering (FE) hosted an exceptional meeting, where the vice president of the International Chess Federation, Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, played a relay match with students of the Lebanese University (LU), upon the invitation of the Chess Club, supervised by the head of sports activities in Branches 2, Mr. Elias Khairallah.

The vice president visited the FE - Branch 3, accompanied by the vice president of the Arab Chess Federation, Mr. Sami Khodor, and the president of the Lebanese Chess Federation, Mr. Khaled Badih.

During this visit, Mrs. Reizniece-Ozola praised the university's interest in chess. She also took note of the program of competitions that the department of sports activities wants to organize periodically, considering them as complementary to the academic activities.

To conclude her visit, Mrs. Reizniece-Ozola met with some of the students and played a match with a number of them for almost 90 minutes.

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