Admission and registration are subject to general conditions and other conditions applicable according to the specialization and university level.




E-registration is the first stage of student enrollment.


Undergraduate students enrolled in one of the faculties in the Rafik Hariri University Compound – Hadath, have the right to submit a request to reside in the dorms.
Acceptance of applications is subject to a list of priorities and criteria contained in the relevant bylaws.

Dorms and affiliated facilities are managed administratively and organizationally by the Office of University Campus Affairs, and are subject to the bylaws stipulated in Resolution No. 2784 dated 10/11/2004 and the laws and regulations issued by the University Presidency.


General Conditions


  • Nature of study or major in which the student is registered and the attendance system;
  • Geographical distance of the student main residence from the center of the campus;
  • Student marks in the baccalaureate certificate for first-year students, or marks in the Competitive Entrance Exam (CEE) or in the faculty of affiliation.



The application for residence in the dorms shall be filled out electronically in the Arabic language exclusively, all required information shall be included therein and the following documents shall be attached:


Old students (residing in dorms and who did not exceed the third academic year and did not reside more than three years):

  • Statement of success;
  • Copy of registration card from the faculty to which the student is affiliated.


New students:

  • Statement or copy of registration card or receipt stating that registration fees have been paid in one of the faculties of the Lebanese University;


  • Copy of the candidacy document for the CEE to one of the faculties of the Lebanese University;
  • Extract of certified personal civil status record (not exceeding one year);
  • Recent certified ID photo;
  • Housing statement for the current academic year;
  • Health certificate stating that the student is free of communicable and contagious diseases;
  • Statement of blood group;
  • Statement proving that the applicant is the son/daughter of an employee, if one of the parents is a professor or an employee at the university, provided that the distance of residence is not less than 30 km;
  • Baccalaureate certificate or official statement of success for first-year students who do not undergo a CEE, or a statement of success from the faculty to which the student is affiliated with the average/20 for students registered at the Lebanese University.



  • Any application that does not meet the above conditions or contains incorrect information will be rejected.


Applications shall be rejected for:

  • Students who have completed their major, registered in a second major, or resided for three years in the dorms;
  • Students over the age of twenty-five, with the exception of students residing under a cultural exchange with their countries, provided that the approval of the university presidency is obtained;
  • Students who failed twice during the period of completing their majors.



  • Applications are submitted electronically at the following website (;
  • Upon completing the application, an email will be sent to the applicant with the required documents and the electronic referral number at the Office of University Campus Affairs.



Names of candidates accepted to reside in dorms shall be announced on a date determined by the Office of University Campus Affairs and published on the notice boards and on the Lebanese University website (