Faculty of Agronomy

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The Faculty of Agronomy seeks to prepare qualified human resources to support sustainable agricultural development and preserve healthy ecosystems through scientific and applied research.
The Faculty contributes to rural development and community service through productive and on-field activities, to solve agricultural and environmental problems and monitor food safety.



Prof. Nadine Nassif - Dean nadinenassif1@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Lamis Chalak - Head of Plant Production Department lamis.chalak@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Linda Kfoury - Head of Plant Protection Department linda.kfoury@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Salim Kattar - Head of Environmental Department skattar@ul.edu.lb
Dr. Pierre Abi Nkhoul - Head of Food Science & Technology Department pabinakhoul@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Jihad Abboud - Head of Animal Production Department dr.jsabboud@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Salem Darwich - Head of Agricultural Economics Department salem.darwich@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Mona Abboud - Head of Veterinary Medicine Section mona.abboud@ul.edu.lb
Dr. Hassan Rammal - Head of Basic Science Department Hassan.rammal@ul.edu.lb
Dr. Victoria Dawalibi - Head of Landscaping Department victoria.dawalibi@ul.edu.lb
Prof. Bassam Assaf - University Council Teaching Staff Delegate bassamassaf1@ul.edu.lb
Dr. Joelle Jnadry - Faculty Teaching Staff Delegate joelle.jandry.1@ul.edu.lb
Mrs. Maha Sawaya - Faculty Secretary maha.sawaya@ul.edu.lb