Faculty of Pedagogy

Faculty of Pedagogy

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Faculty of Pedagogy

The Faculty of Pedagogy is the first faculty created at the Lebanese University. It was established in 1951 under the name "Normal Superior School" and became after known as the "Faculty of Pedagogy" in 1967.

The Faculty prepares professors who are qualified to teach according to modern educational methods and technologies. The Bachelor Teaching Degree entitle holders to teach in various subjects of the elementary and intermediate cycles, while the certificates of competency qualify their holders to teach at the secondary level.

The Faculty has two branches 1 and 2 in addition to the deanship, and the Center for Educational Studies & Research, established in 1997 is affiliated thereto and aims to put educational research and studies at the service of education in the public and private sectors.

Available Specializations

Bachelor Bachelor’s Degree - Teaching Bachelor Degree in Education and Training

1.    Teaching Mathematics at the Elementary Level

2.    Teaching Science at the Elementary Level

3.    Teaching English at the Elementary Level

4.    Teaching French at the Elementary Level

5.    Teaching Arabic at the Elementary Level

6.    Teaching Social Studies at the Elementary Level

7.    Early Childhood Education

8.    Physical and Sports Education

9.    Music Education

10.  Art Education

Professional & Research Master’s Degree

1.    Education Supervision

2.    Educational Administration

3.    School Counseling

4.    Educational Technology

5.    Specialized Education

6.    Sport Management

7.    Teaching Arabic Language & Literature at the Secondary Level

8.    Teaching French Language & Literature at the Secondary Level

9.    Teaching English Language & Literature at the Secondary Level

10.  Teaching Geography at the Secondary Level

11.  Teaching History at the Secondary Level

12.  Teaching Philosophy & Civilizations at the Secondary Level

13.  Teaching Sociology at the Secondary Level

14.  Teaching Economy at the Secondary Level

15.  Teaching Civil Education at the Secondary Level

16.  Teaching Mathematics at the Secondary Level

17.  Teaching Physics at the Secondary Level

18.  Teaching Chemistry at the Secondary Level

19.  Teaching Biology at the Secondary Level

20.  Teaching French at the University Level

Branches ــــــــــ

Branch 1
Faculty of Pedagogy Bldg., UNESCO District, Beethoven Street, Beirut
Phone No.:
(+961) 1 801 460 | (+961) 1 801 461 – ext.101
Branch 2
Faculty of Pedagogy Bldg., near the Armenian Neighbourhood, New Rawda
Phone No.:
(+961) 1 680 382 | (+961) 1 680 383 | (+961) 1 680 384 | (+961) 1 680 387 | (+961) 1 682 950

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