Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Public Health

The Faculty of Public Health obtains Hcéres academic accreditation for several of its programs



Faculty of Public Health

The Faculty of Public Health was established under Decree No. 4418 dated 20/10/1981, and teaching began in the Department of Nursing Sciences in Beirut and Tripoli branches during the academic year 1981-1982. The curricula gradually developed to include various health fields and the faculty expanded geographically in six branches covering several regions.

The Microbiology, Health and Environment Laboratory (LMSE) is affiliated to the faculty and several analytical research laboratories are distributed in its branches, including Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (Branch I), Laboratory of Immunology and Vector-borne Diseases and Laboratory of Studies and Research (Second Branch), and the Life Sciences, Physics and Chemical Science laboratories (Branch 3).


1- Laboratories of Practical Work

Laboratory Specialty



1, 2, 3, 4, 5







Nutrition and dietetics

1, 2, 3

Occupational Therapy


Optics and Optometry


2- Research Laboratories

Laboratory Name


Laboratory of Motricity, Handicap and Rehabilitation (MOHAR)


Chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory

Laboratory of Immunology and Vector-Borne Diseases


Center of Research in Public Health (CERIPH)

Microbiology, Health and Environment Laboratory


Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology

Laboratory of Water and Environmental Sciences


Available Specializations

Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Nursing Sciences
  2. Laboratory Sciences
  3. Physical Therapy
  4. Midwifery
  5. Medical and Social Work
  6. Speech Therapy
  7. Health & Environment
  8. Nutrition & Dietetics
  9. Radiologic Sciences
  10. Psychomotricity
  11. Optics & Optometry

Master’s Degree

  1. Master in methodology and statistics in biomedical and epidemiological research (joint with the University of Paris-Saclay)
  2. Professional Master in Applied Health Sciences
  3. Professional Master in Public Health Concentration: Health Education and Promotion
  4. Professional Master in Psychosomatic Support
  5. Professional Master in Physical Therapy Concentration: Osteopathic Manual Therapy Concentration: Neurological Physical Therapy
  6. Research Master in Physical Therapy: Concentration Handicap, Motor System and Rehabilitation
  7. Professional Master in Microbiology, Quality and Food Security
  8. Professional Master in Quality, Security and Control of Risks related to care
  9. Professional Master in Speech Therapy Concentration: Neuropsychology of oral and written language
  10. Professional Master in Social Work
  11. Professional Master in Hospital Risk Management
  12. Professional Master in Gerontology
  13. Professional Master Infection Prevention and Control associated with healthcare (IPC)
  14. Professional Master in Nutrition and Dietetics: Formulation and Innovation of Nutraceutical Products, Human Nutrition, Clinical and Public Heal Nutrition
  15. Master in BioHealth Concentration: Host-infectious Agent Interactions
  16. Research Master in Health and Environment
  17. Research Master in Chemical and Microbiological Analyses of Water and Food
  18. Research Master in Applied Biotechnology
  19. Research Master in Medical Microbiology: Infection Diseases - Advanced tools in diagnostic, typing and applied bioinformatics.


Degree of Doctor in Physical Therapy



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