Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences

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The Doctoral School prepares students to obtain the Lebanese PhD in Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences and provides them with research expertise in specialized fields.
The Doctoral School is committed to a set of agreements with universities and regional and international institutions concerned with supporting research and scientific studies and securing appropriate process for their implementation.


Professor Khalil El Dahdaah

It is true that the main goal of the Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative & Economic Sciences at the Lebanese University is to grant the highest degree that the distinguished student longs to obtain.

This degree is a PhD degree granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of Decree No. (900) issued on 4 August 1983.

It is known that the PhD is an honorable and a distinguished academic rank entitling its holder to enjoy an indication of an in-depth knowledge.

However, what we are aiming for goes beyond traditional concepts and complex barriers. We aim to move towards finding solutions to the dilemmas facing our society, and any society, on the political, legal, economic, administrative, service, and even entertainment levels.

We adhere to fighting constructively, deliberately and productively, the various abnormal methods that our institutions suffer from, as a result of the routine that has been followed.

In order to avoid any danger or harm and to be on the safe side, we are joining forces to free ourselves from the monotony to the promising modernization.

This is the message and the ultimate goal of institutes granting university degrees.


Khalil El Dahdaah


Professor Khalil El Dahdaah
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