Presidency Offices

The Presidency of the Lebanese University has several offices that carry out various tasks in addition to all tasks assigned by the President. These offices are: International Relations Office, Office of Communication & Information, Research & Development Office, Office of Language Coordination, Alumni Office, Inspection & Administrative Development Office, Center for Careers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Legal Informatics Center.


Center for Careers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Centre MINE)

The Center for Careers, Innovation & Entrepreneurship was established at the Lebanese University following the approval of the University Council under Resolution No. 28/2574 of 13 December 2018, as part of the European-funded project “Erasmus+ RESUME”. The idea was proposed by Professor Selim Mekdessi (Dean of the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration) and Dr. Riad Mekdessi (Centre MINE Director). Reporting directly to Presidency of the Lebanese University, Centre MINE aims to reinforce the relationship between the University and productive institutions and the business world, and improve students’ employment opportunities and professional integration, in addition to developing their innovation and creative capacity and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship at the university. The tasks of Centre MINE also include the establishment of a business incubator for innovative projects, and the creation and activation of the Lebanese University's Unit for Behavioral Advice and Guidance (Nudge), which is an initiative to apply behavioral insights to the challenges facing Lebanon using experimental approaches and tools commonly used in the field of behavioral economics to improve citizen-focused policies, and direct citizens and organizations towards making optimal choices for themselves and their communities. Since its establishment, Centre MINE has been under the management of Dr. Riad Mekdessi (Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration - Branch 3), and works in partnership with a number of local and international institutions.

Head of office


Article 1

A center known as the “of Profession, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Centre MINE)” shall be established at the Lebanese University and shall be directly affiliated to the Presidency.


Article 2

The objective of Centre MINE is to:

  • Reduce the gap between the University and Businesses;
  • Improve the employability of students and their professional integration;
  • Develop the ability of innovation and creativity;
  • Spread the entrepreneurship culture at the University;
  • Create and activate the LU unit for behavioral enticement and guidance (Nudge);
  • Create and activate a business incubator for innovative projects.


Article 3

Centre MINE shall be managed by one of the Teaching Staff members (tenured or full-timers) for a period of three years, subject to renewal. The Director is appointed by a decision of the LU President.


Article 4

The budget of the Central Administration shall consider allocations to Centre MINE.

Centre MINE imports consist of:

  • University contributions;
  • Projects supported by local or international institutions;
  • Revenues from implemented projects;
  • Unconditional donations and gifts.

The expenses of Centre MINE shall be held and disbursed according to the rules established in the LU financial system, by a decision of the President upon the proposal of the Director.


Article 5

This decision shall be enforced from the date of its issuance and shall be communicated where needed.

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