Prof. Fouad Ayoub assigned Dr. Khalil El Dahdaah with the duties of the Deanship of the DSLPAES

The President of the Lebanese University, Professor Fouad Ayoub, assigned Dr. Khalil Rouchaid El Dahdaah (Full-time professor at the Lebanese University) with the duties of the Deanship of the Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences, as of 10 January 2020 until a Dean is appointed by the Cabinet.

Dr. El Dahdaah has a PhD in Law (first class) from the Lebanese University, and is a professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences since 1998, and headed the Department of Private Law in Branch 2 between 2015 and 2019.

In addition to being a supervisor and reader of many PhD dissertations and master's theses in law, Dr. El Dahdaah prepared and published tens of legal studies in international law, political science, criminal and civil issues, and commercial law.

Dr. El Dahdaah published a number of legal books, among them: “Principles of Private International Law”, “Evidence in Legal Studies and Applied Works”, “Principles of Legacy and Guardianship of Different Sects”, “History of Laws”, “Law of Building and Civil Organization”, “Roman Law and Sharia Islamism in the Path of History”.

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